making tai yang bing (Taiwanese Sun Cakes)

Tonight I attempted to make Taiwanese Tai Yang Bing.

Picture 006

The recipe I used calls for 3 different doughs: a water dough (the blobs on the left), the oil dough (the blobs in the middle) and the filling (the light-colored blobs on the right). The ingredients are simple. Mostly flour (all-purpose and cake), confectioner’s sugar, maltose, shortening and butter. Surprisingly, they weren’t as hard as I thought they would be to make.

The next step involves placing the oil dough inside the water dough.

Picture 007

After enclosing the oil dough inside the water dough, the next step is to roll it out into a long rectangle shape.

Picture 008

Then, roll the shape up into a Swiss roll-like shape.

Picture 009

This then gets rolled out again and rolled up like a Swiss roll again. Then it should be flattened out and the filling should be placed inside the now mixed dough.

Picture 010

The filling should be enclosed by the dough and then rolled up into a ball. This step is pretty important as you will see why in a couple of pictures.

Here are the balls of dough with filling inside before they are flattened out.

Picture 011

Next, each ball should be flattened out and then a fork should be used to prick some holes in the dough. Just be careful not to prick through to the bottom of the dough as the filling will likely leak out the bottom. I then baked them in the oven at 350 for about 23-25 minutes or until they were golden brown. Much of my filling leaked out. Boo.

Picture 012

However, after taking them off the cookie sheet and placing them on a clean plate, they didn’t look so scary.

Picture 013

I would give myself a B- for the Tai Yang Bing. They were definitely edible. They weren’t as flat and delicate as the authentic Taiwanese pastries are. Although they were quite flaky. And they were a little sweeter than the Taiwanese version.

Here are also some pictures of my 3rd attempt at making Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes:

Picture 001

The molds are DIY.

Picture 002

Picture 003

Picture 005

The Pineapple Cakes get a B+. They were definitely better than my 1st and 2nd attempts. This time I used two ingredients that I hadn’t used previously. In the filling, I used baked noi mi fen (sticky rice flour in the green, not red bag). For the crust, I used four packets of Pizza Hut parmesan cheese. It really made a difference in the taste of the crust. Although, I likely could get away with just using 3 packets next time. I still am not able to get my filling as “hard” as the ones I’ve seen on the internet and on YouTube. So, in my case, hopefully fourth time’s a charm!

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  2. You may use the photos from this post with terms of permission from #1 (I certify that I am the owner of this photo. I grant and its owner to use this photo for any purpose with attribution to me as the photo owner.) Thanks for reading!

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