5-minute plastic bag ice cream

I’m not sure what my obsession this summer with ice cream is all about, but for some reason, I keep Googling different ways to make ice cream So, far this summer, I have made mango ice cream, strawberry ice cream (both in the Vitamix), green tea ice cream and sesame seed ice cream (both on the stove and by mixing my hand) and my latest adventure yesterday was “How to make 5-minute plastic bag ice cream”. Here are the simple list of ingredients:

milk (whole works best), sugar (which is in my chocolate chip dough container), flavoring of some sort (I happened to use chai drink mix), 2 trays of ice cubes, 2 zip lock bags (1 qt and 1 gallon) and salt (not pictured)

Picture 020

Mix 1/2 c milk, 1 T sugar and flavoring to taste (you can also use cocoa or vanilla) in quart-sized plastic bag.

Picture 021

Make sure bag is well zipped and place in larger plastic bag with ice and 6T of salt. I also placed my bags inside some Wal-Mart-type plastic bags (just in case). Next step: shake until your arms fall off (or about 5-7 minutes).

Picture 027

And…wha-la! 5-minute plastic bag ice cream. Serve and eat immediately. Makes enough for 1 person.

Picture 028

Also, totally unrelated to ice cream making, here is my compost bucket to date. I and my roommate (mostly my roommate who cooks more than me) have been adding lots of food scraps (onion and garlic skins, banana peels, stems) and dried leaves.

Picture 031

We use this blue old Maxwell coffee container with lid to collect our kitchen scraps in and then almost everyday I empty it into the compost bucket on the back patio. Yesterday’s collection consisted of greens, potato skins, banana peels and some old paper towels.Picture 033

I also added some old soil and some soybean pulp leftover from weeks ago (that I had been freezing).

Picture 038

Surprisingly, there haven’t been as many bugs in/around the bucket as I thought there would be. I keep the lid on it so that is probably why. It has also rained a few times since I started this compost and I noticed that the very bottom is soggy, wet leaves and newspaper (?). I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I try to stir it up every couple of days. I’ve also been researching how to continue composting throughout the winter. And for the most part, unless I want to bring it inside, my options are to continue adding to the pile and after the frost has past, the give it a big stir. Stirring it throughout the winter is not only not a good idea because it releases what little heat the pile has/needs, but likely will be impossible as the pile will likely be frozen rock hard.

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