Butter me up: Homemade cinnamon-honey butter in the Vitamix blender

As I sit here writing this post, I am enjoying some luscious homemade strawberry ice cream (made with real cream, not skim milk like I usually do) made in the Vitamix.

Picture 018But I digress. I wanted to tell you about my first attempt at making butter in the Vitamix. As a dietitian, you may be wondering why I am making my own butter. Well, #1: I am not against eating butter (everything in moderation); #2: I have a machine that can do it and wanted to see how easy or hard it was; and #3 I had some whipping cream in the fridge that was getting close to its expiration date and wanted to use it up.


2 cups of heavy whipping cream

salt to taste

additional flavorings or herbs to season the butter (I’m using cinnamon and honey.)

Picture 001

Procedure according to the VM cookbook with notes from me:

1. Add whipping cream into VM and secure lid. Select Variable 1. Turn VM on and quickly increase to 10, then to High. Blend until the mixture is thick and you hear a change in the sound of the machine. [This happened for me in less than 30 seconds.]

Picture 002

2. Stop the machine and scrape down sides of machine. Select Variable 5. Turn machine on and blend for 5 seconds, stop and scrape sides again. Repeat this process several times until you see the mixture start to flow easier and fluid appears.

[This is how the VM cookbook says to make butter. However, when I watched a VM clip on making butter, the chef just used the tamper to continuously feed the cream into the blades and still was able to get butter. I may try this next time as it was slightly cumbersome to keep removing the lid and scraping down the sides every 5 seconds. After doing this about 7 or 8 times, my cream was starting to look like butter.]

Picture 004

3. Blend for a few seconds more until butter starts to set up in the center of the container [I never really saw this, but stopped anyway in fear that I might just end up with really, really whipped cream. I likely did blend it too long, but this didn’t seem to affect my end product.]

4. Place butter in a fine strainer to drain.

Picture 006 Picture 009 Picture 012

At this point, there is a lot of liquid in the butter. I let my butter sit for a good 30 minutes or so while I ate dinner, but this likely isn’t necessary. I used a spoon to help drain the liquid from the butter and after a little bit of mushing it around, the product appeared more solid like Butter!

I wanted to make some cinnamon-honey butter and some regular butter, so I put the divided the butter into 2 bowls and sprinkled some cinnamon and added a little bit of honey (maybe about 1/2 tsp) to one half. To the other half of butter, I just added a sprinkle of salt. Be careful. A little salt goes a long way! [You could also add in herbs or seasonings directly into the VM during the blending process, but I didn’t since I wanted to make 2 flavors.]

My roommate suggested that I make the butter pretty for the pictures for this blog, so I formed the butter into sticks and wrapped them in waxed paper and put them in the fridge.

I plan on eating it on homemade coconut dinner rolls tomorrow for breakfast, along with my Shrek juice (green smoothie).

PS: I apologize for the dark photos. My VM experiments always seem to happen really late at night.

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