3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. today is my first look at your blog and I love your list of things to do before 30! YOU CAN DO IT! My recommendation is to strike off your goal of cleansing your FACEBOOK list today! I’m keeping my circle tight and if people aren’t interested in interacting, they are OFF THE LIST! My life isn’t that exciting and I cannot understand why anyone would ask to be my FRIEND and then NEVER even send me a message to at least say hello. So there you have it! Since you’ve decided to put yourself “out there” you’re already getting advice – go to FACEBOOK tonight and strike off 30% of your “friends”. (Get it? 30%!) Trust me . . . it’ll feel good.

    • Thanks! I love the suggestion of a cleansing of 30%…so appropriate! But I just did the math and that would mean that I would have to get rid of 155! Yikes! I might have to baby step and start with 3% (entering the 3rd decade of life…still fitting, right?)

  2. if 30% means purging 150+ Facebook friends then you are NOT keeping your circle tight so if you MUST have a kazillion Facebook friends then purging 3% is a good place to start!

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