Making my own reality

As I about a week away from entering a new decade, I thought I would give you an update on how I was doing with establishing my 3 new habits. Accomplishing #3 on my Thirty before 30 list had to be my worst favorite thing to do. I think because it was the one thing on my list that took the most perseverance. I get into ruts. Do you? One of my New Year’s Resolutions from 2009 was to become an early riser. Surprisingly, I did fairly well with that resolution even into 2010—that is until this summer. We had returned from a month of being in Taiwan and I just couldn’t whoop that jet lag. So, I started sleeping in later than I wanted. During the school year, I usually try to get up before 7, most mornings getting up around 5:30 am. So, how did I do with (re-)establishing habit #1? For 31 of the last 36 days, I have woken up early. Not too shabby.

On to habit #2: “No eating after 9 pm” This one took literally no effort in the beginning. But I will admit with Halloween and watching the Star Wars movies late at night so I can cross off #28 from my TB30 list, I have given in. I thought I did better at this one, but after counting, I only hit 26 of the last 36 days.

Ugh. The dreaded exercise goal. Last year I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t NOT exercise regularly. Training for a 5K, I caught the “running bug” and jogged and swam regularly to relieve “stress”. Well, again, being in hot, humid Taiwan this summer got me out of my routine and I really needed to catch that “bug” again. So, how did I do? I did great with this goal…up until the last two weeks when I was preparing for my comprehensive exam. So, it’s a new week and back on the horse I get.

And my last goal, which I really thought I would be the hardest of the 4 habits, was actually the easiest and the habit that I feel was the most rewarding. Out of the last 36 (week)days, I have only watched reality tv one time! And really, I think in these last 7 weeks, I have only even turned on the tv 3 times during the week! The great thing is is that I have been too busy making my own reality to need to watch others.

So, overall I think trying to start these habits has made me aware of how I spend my time and has challenged me to become a better me and to realize that I may not exercise every single day and may occasionally have a bedtime snack. And that’s okay. Life is about living and is too short to be beating yourself up over things you didn’t do or didn’t accomplish today. I recently read a great quote that sums up how I feel about habits and so I’ll end this post with it:

“It’s not what you do occasionally that will kill you. It’s what you do 95% of the time that will save you.”

One thought on “Making my own reality

  1. Well with 5 days left before turning 30 how are you feeling about your goals?
    Any plans for the next 10 years? I’m exhausted just thinking/looking at your goals. Jack will tell you my middle name is FUN…so it’s Sue Fun Fisher 🙂
    Remember, enjoy life whatever you do and have fun. That’s the important goal

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