It’s “grape” to make fresh juice in the Vitamix

Truth be told, a whole fruit juicer had been on my wish list for the last couple of years and my mom knew this. This summer my mom sent me a juicer. She told me they were on promotion: buy 1, get one 50% off. Since this summer, I have probably only used my juicer a dozen or so times. That’s because juicing with the Vitamix is so much easier. If anyone owns a juicer, they probably know what a pain it is to clean up. It takes 5x longer to wash the machine than it does to actually make the juice. I don’t use the dishwasher at my school house, so it also feels like I waste a lot of water to clean the darn machine.

For those of you considering buying a juicer, first read this post to see just how easy whole fruit juicing can be with the Vitamix.

I had a ton of grapes in my fridge that we had bought from Sam’s. Now, when it comes to grapes, I’m a little bit of a grape snob. I like my grapes to be crisp, not soft or soggy when I eat them. Before I had a Vitamix, I probably would’ve just picked out all the “crispy” grapes and thrown out the “not-so-perfect” grapes, feeling very guilty. Well, now that I have a Vitamix, I just make juice out of the grapes that don’t make the cut.

Here’s what I did to make fresh grape juice:

1. Picked out all the “un-cripsy” grapes and washed them well.


2. Put them in the Vitamix. Blended them on High for about 40 seconds.


3. Poured the juice into a nut milk bag that I nested in my Pyrex measuring cup.


4. “Milked” the nut bag to get the juice out.

IMG_0633 IMG_0632

5. Enjoy juice immediately or store in container of choice.


Yield: 2 cups of juice for about 3 cups of grapes

When all is said and done, I ended up with only 1 tablespoon of relatively dry grape pulp. Had I made grape juice in the juicer, I would’ve ended up with way more pulp. If I were making more juice, I would probably save this pulp and use it to make fruit leather. Also, since I didn’t add any water, what I ended up with is pure juice. Some may want to add water to their juice to “stretch” it or to dilute it as some commercial juices do. I could’ve easily also thrown in other fruits, like apples or pears.


In summary, here are reasons why I think juicing with the VM beats a plain ‘ole juicer:

1. 30 second clean-up (‘nough said)—just fill up VM 1/2 way with water and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid. Blend on high for 30 seconds and rinse.

2. You end up with way less pulp (than you would with a juicer), meaning that the Vitamix “wastes’” less of the fruit in making the juice.

3. The VM does so much more than just make juice. Click here to find out what else it does.

4. Can use really ripe fruits in the VM to make juice (The manual for my juicer discourages use of really ripe fruits to make juice.)

5. There’s something therapeutic about using a nut milk to make your own fresh juice.

**If you’re interested in purchasing a Vitamix, click here to get free standard shipping ($25 value) or use code: 06-005573 at checkout. I recommend the Vitamix 5200. If you have any other questions, let me know and check out my other posts about how I use my Vitamix.

3 thoughts on “It’s “grape” to make fresh juice in the Vitamix

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  2. Hi thank you for the tips… I have a big batch of fresh Concord grapes … and since grape seeds are suppose to be so healthy … if I was to make jam could I put my washed grapes in vitamix and go from there to make jam or jelly?

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