update: Thirty before 30

I fully intended to update you on the progress of my TB30 list the day after my 30th birthday (which was about 2 months ago). Better late than never, huh?

Although I wasn’t able to finish everything on my list, it was still loads of fun trying to.

Here’s a repost of my TB30 list with some added commentary from yours truly.

Here is my list of the things I want to do before I turn 30.

In following with the so-called theme of this blog, these are things that I want to do or try to make my life a little fuller. In reality, I know that the list is ambitious to try to do all of these things before my next birthday, which is in about 2 months, but that’s okay because that will just leave me more to do by my next birthday. Look for posts on some that have already been accomplished. And even though I haven’t completed this list, I’m also taking suggestions for next year’s list as well.

1. start a blog [I did indeed “start” a blog, although in the last couple of months, it has been challenging to post as often as I’d like to. Also, as I’ve become older, I’ve become a more private person and I struggle with the idea of how much about myself I really want to “put out there”.  Any other fellow bloggers struggle with this or am I just weird?]

2. become a Vitamix affiliate [I recently sold my first Vitamix! A shout out to Joan and Jackie! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I love mine! Click here, here, here and here to read about a few of my favorite Vitamix creations. On the agenda for tonight: Fruit Roll-Ups and Curried Lentil Dip Vitamix-style.]

3. start 3 good habits [Similar to my blog, I “started” 3 good habits. I never said anything about “keeping up with them. Maybe next time, I need to be a little more specific.]

4. learn how to knit [Thank you FP for your guidance and patience!]

5. cleanse my facebook friends list [Read more about the digital decluttering here.]

6. go rock climbing (again) [See my mad skills here.]

7. find a good (and easy and healthy) bread-from-scratch recipe [I did find a great super simple recipe for homemade bread, but the recipe requires a cast iron dutch oven. However, I haven’t justified the purchase of one yet. I’m hoping someone, someday will get a new one and donate their used one to me. Wink, wink.]

8. learn how to post a video on YouTube [I not only learned to post a video on YouTube, I also edited the video using iMovie. For someone who’s minimal technology, (I think I’m the only <40 year old that doesn’t text.) I’m pretty proud of myself. Click here if you want to see my mad skillz and learn how to make green tea ice cream without an ice cream maker.]

9. say wedding vows in Chinese to R again (from memory…or at the very least, with better Chinese) [This, I sadly, cannot cross off. Even sadder, I didn’t even give this a fair attempt. But on a romantic note, R has had the first 5 or 6 lines memorized since the wedding and repeats them to me on occassion.]

10. narrow down my baby name list to Top 10 [This is half-way crossed off. I’ve narrowed it down, but have a bit to go before it’s down to 10. Guess I still have some time.]

11. start composting [I haven’t added to my pile since winter started, but am excited to see what’s in my composting bucket for my garden this year.]

12. make homemade soymilk [With the purchase of my Vitamix, I am no longer breaking blenders trying to do this. I’ve now got it down to a science and even taught my mom how to do it last week.]

13. try zumba [This is a killer workout and super fun.]

14. run a 5K [Although I’ll never be the super marathoner that my sister is, I can now run almost 10 K distances.]

15. make zong-zi from scratch [Takes a village to make, but oh so worth the effort.]

16. make homemade yogurt [I used this as a resource and combined it with notes from my expert yogurt-making friends.]

17. pass my comprehensive exam

18. make ice cream without an ice cream machine [I have learned how to make 30-second (no lie) ice cream in the Vitamix, how to make ice cream using the stove and the freezer and how to make 5-minute ice cream using a Wal-Mart bag.]

19. say “yes” to something I would normally say “no” to

20. say “no” to something I would normally say “yes” to

21. become a member of the PubMed club (check out 2 of my articles so far: Obesity in Older Adults and a commentary)

22. eat a meal alone…in public…and without a book or laptop (or any other distraction) [Well, it was just coffee and a bagel, but still. Baby steps, right?]

23. learn how to count to 10 in 10 languages  revised: learn how to greet in 10 languages [I can greet in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Taiwanese.]

24. eat 30 new foods [I had lots of great suggestions from friends on what to eat, but many of them, (turtle, intestines, frog legs, cow stomach, goose liver, jellyfish, fufu, etc.) I’d already tried before or weren’t available (lutefish and balat or Vegemite.] Here’s the list of new foods that I did try: husk cherries, swiss chard, blackbean walnut burger, walleye fish, 6 authentic Turkish dishes, chicken and waffles, kousa, zoodles, raw fluke, raw scallops, blondies, non-pickled (roasted) beets, and kombucha tea. 18 new foods. I think trying new foods will always be on my “to do” list.]

25. conquer my fear of guns [Friends took me out to a shooting range twice and I now can be in the same room as a gun and not feel like I’m going to faint.]

26. pull an all-nighter [This one probably won’t be on my bucket lists again. I love sleep too much!]

27. learn how to write my name in Chinese (on-cue) [Ask any Chinese person, my name in Chinese is really hard to write. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.]

28. watch at least one movie from the Star Wars triology or the one of the Lord of the Rings movies [I don’t know if I’d call myself a die hard fan, but I definitely have a little crush on Yoda.]

29. buy a Vapur anti-bottle [This was a great thing to carry while flying. Brought my collapsed Vapur into the airport and filled it up after I got inside and avoided the $5 per bottle of water fee.]

30. embrace turning thirty. [A year ago, I dreaded turning 30, but now that I am 30, I’m super excited for what this season of life has in store. I foresee lots of big changes and unlike my 20s, I am confident in the woman I am becoming.]

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