Bake (and eat) at your own risk

Yeah, this title might totally be the way R would describe some of my past baking (and cooking) “experiments”. Remember that cake-in-a-jar that I baked back in October 2010? Well, immediately after making them, I sent them off to my sister and BIL who are currently serving in A-stan. All except for one lonely jar. I stuck this one away at the bottom of my fruit basket with all intentions of “opening” it about 3 weeks after I baked it. (Three weeks is about the time that it takes for a package to arrive over to my sister.) Well, about three weeks later, I did indeed hear from her that the pineapple cake-in-a-jar was delish and she then requested zucchini bread-in-a-jar, which you can read all about here. Needless to say, I forgot about the cake-in-a-jar that I had saved to try later. One month passed. Then two months. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been eyeing the jar on my baker’s rack and every time I see it, I decide that I’m going to open it…and then I get distracted and forget about it. I think part of me was (subconsciously) afraid it wasn’t good anymore and I would get some sort of stomach bug from it. And that’s coming from the girl with the iron stomach. Well, I saw an “encouragement” from my friend A (see her blog here) to “write” blog entries so she would have something to read tonight, so A, this post is for you.

Here’s what the cake-in-a-jar looked like after 3 months. No obvious mold. Good.

When I opened it, I did hear the seal “POP”. And it didn’t look dried out and still smelled delicious. It came out of the jar pretty easily. Only a little part of it was left behind in the jar.

So, what did it taste like?

It was better than I expected. Incredibly yummy, flavorful and surprisingly moist! Although my sister and BIL are coming back very soon, I might still make these as they are the perfect thing for a girl to keep in her pantry when she’s craving just a single serving of “fresh” cake.

ps: It’s been about 45 minutes since I’ve eaten it all and I’m still alive and sans tummy ache. Oh, and it definitely was made with fresh eggs. Whoops.

Oh, I feel I must have some sort of disclaimer on here since I have seen on other’s blogs and websites that they were criticized for the food safety risks involved with (improper) cake canning… you know, like make sure you are following correct sterilization/canning technique, don’t try this at home if you have issues with your immune system or are pregnant or could be pregnant (probably shouldn’t feed this to your children), blah, blah, blah. Just covering my bases. On a more serious note, there have been reported cases of botulism in cakes baked in jars, like this one, but they are rare. So this baking project, if you choose to proceed, is a totally “bake (and eat) at your own risk”. And I’ve now totally freaked myself out by reading these facts on botulism. Geez.

10 thoughts on “Bake (and eat) at your own risk

  1. #1- thank you for the awesome post to help with my insomnia
    #2- probably dangerous to read all about your delicious kitchen adventures while I’m suffering from insomnia…

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’m sorry for just now getting a chance to make it over to yours! Thanks so much for the Vitamix info! 🙂 Believe me, I need no convincing that it will change my life and I am definitely saving my pennies until I can afford one! I would love it of you kept me posted on sales, and the free shipping code is awesome!

  3. I just read your post and I have to tell you that I found 2 jars in the back of a cabinet with pumpkin bread or cake ( not sure which) that I make way back when we had the Y2K scare…hmmmm…17 or 18 years ago. There was no mold! I opened it and tasted it…not bad! In fact it was super moist. Hopefully I survive the night, but so far I’m still healthy!😂

    • Wow! That’s incredible. I’m glad for the sake of curiosity and science, that you tried it. Not many would’ve been that brave. I guess if we ever have another “end of the world” scare, at least you and I know we will always have cake!

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