That’s a spicy…spice rack!

I’m happy to introduce Jackie, my first guest blogger! I work with her and she is loads of fun and when she mentioned her latest home project to me, I thought it would be a great addition to my blog. (PS: Jackie is also a fellow Vitamix owner!)

Welcome Jackie!

So, this is my first foray into guest-blogging, and the pressure is on not to let PY down. My husband, Ross, and I are notorious weekend DIY-ers; this weekend was no exception: projects included installing new floors in the basement and finding a solution for our cluttered countertops. After seeing several cute magnetic spice racks on Etsy, we decided to try our hand at making our own. The process was surprisingly simple, and cost under $50.  Naturally, the first step is getting all of the necessary supplies. Fortunately, for this project supplies are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. You can find a variety of food-grade spice tins at Specialty Bottle. ( For this project, we ordered a mixture of 2.5 oz clear-top round tins and 4 oz clear-top square tins, figuring the mixture would accommodate our varied collection of spices. 

Next, we ordered a pack of 50 1/4″ x 1/16” neodymium magnetic discs from Emovendo magnets. ( This size is great for putting 2 magnets on each tin, but if you prefer single magnets, I would recommend going the next size up. You can hang your spice tins on any magnetic surface; we had a $5 magnetic wipe-off board hanging in our kitchen already which turned out to be the perfect size for a small spice rack (don’t have one of those? Head to Target or Michael’s to pick up your own).

To adhere the magnets to the tins, I just used a dab of super glue. Since the tins are slightly magnetic themselves, the magnets + a tiny dab of superglue made a super strong bond. 

Since the jars were wide-mouth, filling them was a breeze.

It was amazing to see how much space we saved once we condensed our collection of spice jars into a neat line of tins!

Labeling your spices is a matter of personal preference. Since Ross and I are both well-seasoned (har har) chefs, it’s easy for us to identify spices by appearance, so instead of getting labels for the front, I used a sharpie to label the back of each tin.

This method is also great if you have a varied and frequently-changing collection of spices, since the ink comes off with a bit of rubbing alcohol you won’t be stuck with a jar of “Cruz Bay Spice Rub” forever. If you prefer something a little more polished looking, there are several cute Etsy shops that sell spice jar labels for these exact tins – they’re still cute and unique, but add a little more oomph to your spice collection.

Once the tins were filled, I alphabetized them on the board, figuring that without labels it would be easy to find the correct spice this way.

Since our “holder” was a re-purposed wipe off board, we can also write down the spices we’re out of as it happens – instant shopping list! Happy DIY-ing, and thanks PY for letting me come spice up your blog–Jackie

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