I’m a wife, daughter, sister, (permanent) student, and dietitian by training who enjoys trying new things (especially anything related to food), being well, traveling and catching up with friends; is learning about photography as well as a dozen other “hobbies” (I don’t get bored easily, I just have a Renaissance soul.), trying to master speaking Mandarin Chinese and enjoys organization and cleanliness, but realizes that life is too short to not seize the day.

This blog is being used to capture my adventures on this journey called Life. Sometimes these adventures are tasty. Sometimes these adventures are far-reaching. Often times these adventures are just me learning how to be me and make the most of what I have (I like to call this “intentional frugality”.)

Also, a lot of my posts contain foods/recipes that I’ve prepared. I sometimes include recipes or descriptions about how I make things. If you ever come across a food/dish and I haven’t posted the recipe in detail, feel free to send me a comment asking for the recipe. I’m happy to share!

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Happy reading and thanks for checking out my blog!

Oh and some of the posts are password protected. Just message me and I’ll send you the password if you want it.

For more about me, check out this post.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!! Great to meet you! Thanks for following up on my blog, looking forward to having you know about it! If I know you in real life please let me know who you are, I’d love that!! Haha thanks!

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