What exactly is a Vitamix? (free shipping code)

Whether  you are a new mom wanting to make your own baby food, want to eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight, have food intolerances/allergies and want to control what goes into your food or are tried of being dissatisfied by average-performance blenders, the Vitamix has a place in your life!

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use my own Vitamix:

–make fresh,  homemade ice cream in 30 seconds

–make soybean milk from scratch

–make Shrek Juice

–make nut butters (e.g., peanut, almond, cashew) and milk alternatives, like almond or rice milk

–make hummus, tahini, guacomole and salsa

–make soup that comes out hot! right from the container (no need to cook on the stove)

–grind your own whole grains

–make powdered sugar instead of buying it

The Vitamix will easily replace several of your current kitchen appliances. For me, I no longer need to use a food processor, ice cream machine, bread machine or juicer. In addition to all the great ways I use my Vitamix, it can do so many more culinary tasks. Check out this link for 52 amazing ways to enjoy food with the Vitamix!

The Vitamix comes with an awesome 7-year warranty, but I have read amazing stories about people who are using a Vitamix they inherited from their grandmother! It is that good!

If you are interested in purchasing a Vitamix, please use the link below which will qualify you for free standard shipping ($25 value).

I highly recommend the Vitamix 5200. But if you are interested in grinding grains into your own flour (e.g., rice into rice flour), you may want to consider the Vitamix Super 5200.

If you are nervous about the financial investment involved in purchasing a Vitamix, no worries! Vitamix has a 30-day free trial. Use it for a month and if you decide you can live without it (you can’t) then send it back–risk free! IMHO, the Vitamix is definitely an investment upfront, but ends up being a cost-savings because you can make so many things from scratch that you’d normally pay more for to buy from the grocery store. Also, I would rather pay a little more now for this amazing tool that will help you live a well life rather than pay alot in the future for hospital bills and medications due to illness that you may have been able to prevent by eating well now.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Vitamix. I’m more than happy to help you help make a better life for yourself!

If ordering by telephone (1.800.848.2649, ext. 2303), please use the following free shipping code (06-005573).

If you think you can’t afford a brand new Vitamix, click on the link below to see availability of the more cost-effective (and still just as good!)  reconditioned machines.

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